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About Us


Started in 1983, EBS ÇAT YAPI A.Ş. has been a leading company in the construction sector with its intensive work especially in the Mersin region, aiming to serve you better with its 39 years of knowledge and experience. By signing many projects from past to present, it has produced more than 500 houses and presented them to the taste of its customers. In all its projects, it has made careful preparation and received the positive returns of this preparation from the high demand for its projects and its rapid sales. In all its projects, it has produced the most accurate solutions that meet the rapidly developing and changing expectations of today's world and in this way, it has been the key to the solution that brings vision to the sector.
As EBS ÇAT YAPI, we have carefully and meticulously carried our philosophy of "Happiness Under This Roof", our values and our knowledge to all our buildings that we have successfully built. We aimed to prepare the healthiest living spaces for you with the excitement and belief of the first day. According to EBS ÇAT YAPI, the physical characteristics of the space and living spaces and cultural equipment should be considered as a whole. Our desire is that your home, which you will buy as a living space, is not only a place where your basic needs are met, but also a place where you can have fun, rest, store energy, regain productivity, and live safely and peacefully. For this reason, we focus on communication with people, trying new ideas, spatial competence and the permanent.
For all these reasons, we, as EBS ÇAT YAPI, are working to create permanent works, not temporary works, and we wish you to be a partner in our philosophy of "Happiness Under This Roof" like hundreds of customers we have gained over the years.

Our Chairman of the Board

Sait ÇAT

Sait ÇAT: Leader of EBS ÇAT YAPI
The name behind the success of EBS ÇAT YAPI is Mr Sait ÇAT. With his many years of experience, passionate leadership and innovative approach to the construction industry, Sait ÇAT, as the company's chairman of the board of directors, takes on the role of a visionary and leader for the company.
As a proven professional in the construction industry, Mr ÇAT demonstrates every day his determination to make EBS ÇAT YAPI one of the most respected and reliable companies in the sector.
Sait ÇAT has positioned EBS ÇAT YAPI not only as a construction company but also as a reference point in the sector. His leadership and the values he carries are the basis of the company's success.
As the chairman of the board of directors of EBS ÇAT YAPI, Sait ÇAT will continue to be at the forefront of the transformation in the sector and further grow the company.


EBS ÇAT YAPI is a construction company that responds to customer needs at the highest level and realises projects without compromising quality standards. Based on transparent communication at every stage, we maximise customer satisfaction. By closely following technology and innovation, we integrate the latest developments in the sector into our projects. At the same time, we work for a sustainable future by minimising environmental impacts. As EBS ÇAT YAPI, we are determined to transform our environment and society into a better place with each project.


EBS ÇAT YAPI aims to be a brand that is recognised for its leadership in the construction sector, based on customer satisfaction and prioritising environmental sustainability. It proceeds with the vision of being the most innovative and reliable company in the sector by shaping the construction solutions of the future from today. By focusing on producing projects that add value to our customers, employees and society, we make living spaces more livable and sustainable.